Spirit Program


2021-2022 marks the third year of our Spirit Program, and we are thrilled to once again be working with so many influential athletes across the country! These individuals exude athleticism, teamwork and sportsmanship and we are so honoured to have them representing our brand!

Get to know our Total Package Athletes below!

Abigail Joyce - @bcacoachabby

Gym: Beach Cheer Athletics

Years cheering: 9

Abby’s favourite part about cheer is going to competitions and meeting new people, so make sure to say hi to SG Abby if you see her at an event! She also loves tumbling – her favourite pass is round off back handspring full – and stunting! She is a triple threat!
Welcome to the family! 

Alyson Brault - @alyson_cheerleading

Gym: RND Elite

Years cheering: 7

Alyson is a flyer on RND Shadow and is coached by former Spirit Girl @alexebouchard. (Our Spirit family is growing!) She loves the team spirit at competitions as well as the excitement and working towards a shared goal!

AnnaRose Boyes - @annaroseboyes

Gym: CheerSport Sharks

Years cheering: 12

AnnaRose is another one of our SG’s back for year 3! You can find her on CheerSport Sharks Grey Reefs. Her favourite shows are Bones and Criminal Minds. AnnaRose loves the sport, teamwork, commitment, and bond with her teammates. Like many of us, AnnaRose realized during these lockdowns how important cheer is to her – it’s her happy place!

Ayva Belitski - @ayva.marie.b

Gym: 306 Elite

Years cheering: 7

Please help us welcome back (for the 3rd time!) Ayva from 306 Elite Fame! Her favourite movie is The Hunger Games and her go to Starbucks order is a Pink Drink with no strawberries and extra coconut milk. This is Ayva’s 7th season of cheer and she is such an INCREDIBLE performer! We can’t wait to watch you perform again in-person this year!

Brianna Hoskin - @scotiacheergirl3

Gym: Scotia Cheer Allstars

Years cheering: 10

Brianna is back as a Spirit Girl this season and you can find her on Scotia Cheer Karma & Fantastic 4!
Her favourite skill is a Round Off X Out, and her favourite thing about our sport is all of the amazing friendships she has made. When she’s not in the gym, you can find her watching Modern Family or picking up a Strawberry Acai Refresher from Starbucks!
Welcome back Brianna, so excited for round 2!

Brooklyn Stenz - @bcstenz12

Gym: BOSS Cheer Athletics

Years cheering: 5

Brooklyn's favourite movie is the Grinch Who Stole Christmas! Brooklyn loves the atmosphere at competitions, especially when she’s up on the stage performing! We can’t wait to see this rockstar compete live in person this season!! Welcome back, Brooklyn! 

Cassie Moyer - @rcagurlcassie

Gym: Rebels Cheer Athetlics

Years cheering: 6

Cassie is an amazing tumbler, with her favourite skills being a Standing Full and a Whip Double. You can find her turning heads on Rebels Cheer IO5 Smoke this season! Cassie’s favourite part about cheerleading is the support and encouragement she receives from everyone and the amazing friendships she has made – her teammates have become her family! Welcome back, Cassie! 

Cheyenne Desjarlais - @cheydes

Gym: Vancouver Allstars

Years cheering: 13

Chey is a standout performer and if you haven’t had the chance to see her in competition mode, we highly recommend it! You can find her on VAS Blackout this season. Her favourite part about cheer is creating lifetime bonds and friendships with her teammates through their shared passion of the sport. She also loves developing the skills that help her flourish not only as an athlete, but as a person in her everyday life. Welcome to the TSC Fam Cheyenne!

Courtney Pinsent - @courtneypinsent

Gym: Coastal Wave Elite

Years cheering: 11

Courtney is training on not one, not two, but THREE teams this season! You can find her on Rays, Rogue, and High Tide with Coastal Wave Elite. Her favourite thing about cheer is the connections and friendships that it brings! There is nothing like the bond that comes from trusting your teammates and coaches. Courtney has made lifelong friends from our sport!
Welcome Courtney, we are so excited to have you!

Emily Long - @emilycheers5

Gym: PCT

Years cheering: 14

You can find powerhouse tumbler Emily on PCT Temptation this season! Her go-to Starbucks order is a strawberry acai refresher with lemonade and her favourite skill is a cartwheel full. Her favourite part about cheerleading is the many friendships she has made throughout the years and the amazing feeling she gets performing alongside her teammates.
Welcome to the Total Spirit family, Emily!

Erika Desjardins - @erikadesjardins

Gym: Olympia Allstar Cheerleading

Years cheering: 8

Give a warm welcome to our new Spirit Girl, Erika Desjardins!
Erika loves basket tosses, with back tucks and kick doubles being her fave! She loves the adrenaline rush and rewarding feeling after hitting a routine on a comp floor (not to mention pushing her limits mentally and physically, and making tons of new friends!).
This season you can find her on Olympia IO6NT Aura! Welcome Erika, we’re so happy to you have you on board!

Frédérick Racine - @fredracine96

Gym: Sparks Cheerleading

Years cheering: 11

Frédérick is heading into his 11th year of cheer! He competes and coaches at Sparks Cheerleading, and he is truly an inspiration to young athletes. He loves that special bond you make with teammates and creating new memories each season. If he looks familiar, maybe it’s time to rewatch some of “Cheerleaders”…

Jada Scott - @jadescott19

Gym: Perfect Storm Athletics

Years cheering: 7

Introducing this new friendly face to our Spirit Family this season: Jada from Perfect Storm Lethbridge! Jada’s favourite movie is Mama Mia and her go-to Starbucks order is a S’mores frappe. She loves the atmosphere created when she’s with her team. They push each other, so they get better as individuals and as a team. Please help us in welcoming Jada - we’re happy to have you on board this year!

Jeremy Abric - @skycoach_jeremy

Gym: Sky Athletics

Years cheering: 15

Please give a warm welcome to our new Spirit Guy, Jeremy Abric! Jeremy is a coach at Sky Athletics and an athlete on their Worlds team, IOC6NT Dream! His favourite thing about cheer is watching his athletes achieve their goals and creating a strong bond with his teammates. If you want to impress him, pick him up a Strawberry Acai Refresher with 6 pumps of raspberry syrup from Starbucks! Welcome Jeremy, we are thrilled to have you this season!

Jessica Scoates - @cheercoachjess

Gym: Academy of Cheer Excellence

Years cheering: 13

Meet Jessica Scoates of Academy of Cheer in Mission, BC! Her favourite part about cheer is that feeling of walking out onto the floor, knowing everyone is on the same page; trusting and knowing that your teammates got your back. You can find Jess on IOC6 ICON this season! Welcome to the family Jess, we are so lucky to have you! 

Joan McNeilly - @joan_mcneilly

Gym: Central Cheer

Years cheering: 9

We are thrilled to welcome back Joan from Central Cheer Queen Katz. Her favourite skills are rewinds and twisting up. Joan’s go-to Starbucks order is a Vanilla Cold Brew. We absolutely love watching Jo perform - we can’t wait to see her compete LIVE in person this season!!

Kaitlyn Harvey - @kaitlynjharvey

Gym: Western All Girl (coach) & Team Canada Athlete

Years cheering: 15

If you know Kaitlyn, you know how much of a dedicated and talented athlete and coach she is! She coaches Western All Girl and has been part of the Team Canada program for a number of years. Fun Fact: Kaitlyn LOVES all things part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Her favourite part about cheerleading is getting to meet people from around the world. Welcome back, Kaitlyn! 

Karolane Archambault - @karoarchambault

Gym: Pirates Athletics

Years cheering: 7

We are so excited to welcome Karolane to the family. She loves the beginning of the season when you try out new skills and new pyramids. But her favourite part of the year is always attending the World Championships with her team! Can’t wait to watch you this season and hopefully get to see you compete your fav basket side one and a half with Pirates Athletics Black Flag– WOW!

Katie Fyfe - @katiefyfe_

Gym: West Halifax

Years cheering: 14

Meet returning Spirit Girl, Katie Fyfe! This is Katie’s second year as part of our family and we are so excited to have her back! This year you can find her cheering on West Halifax Envy. Her favourite TV show is Friends and her favourite part about cheerleading is the bonds that are made between teammates – and the family atmosphere! Welcome back, Katie!

La'Mya Jackson - @iamlayaj

Gym: Langley Cheer Athletics

Years cheering: 4

We are so excited to welcome back La’Mya from Langley Cheer Chrome and Diamond Dust! Her go-to Starbucks order is a Pink Drink, no strawberries. La’Mya’s favourite thing about cheerleading is that it’s like family and everyone is so supportive!

Lily Allen - @lilydawn.allen

Gym: Capital City Elite

Years cheering: 5

Say hi to our new Spirit Girl, Lily Allen! You can find Lily killing it on two teams at Capital City Elite this season, Glamour & Rockstar! Her favourite part about cheer is hearing the crowd right before hitting the mat and killing her routine (plus – the friendships made not only within her own team, but with other athletes in her gym and from other programs!). Welcome Lily, we are so happy to have you! 

Morgan Jollymore - @morgan_tumbles08

Gym: Legacy Cheer Atlantic

Years cheering: 4

Meet new Spirit Girl, Morgan Jollymore! Morgan has been cheering for four years and is rocking it on two teams at Legacy Cheer Atlantic this season, Relentless & Intensity! Morgan loves High School Musical and Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos from Starbucks. Her favourite thing about cheer is that it challenges her and she loves her teammates and coaches. We’re so excited to have you on board this year Morgan! 

Olivia Hollingsworth - @oliviaahollingsworth_

Gym: CheerForce Allstars

Years cheering: 15

We are SO excited to welcome back for the 3rd year in a row, Spirit Girl Olivia Hollingsworth! This year is a BIG year as this 2021-2022 season marks her 15th year cheering! You can find this stellar athlete competing on the one and only CheerForce Alltars Golden Girls! We’re so lucky to have you and can’t WAIT to watch you compete live in person this year!

Rachel Wheeldon - @rachel_wheeldon

Gym: Champion Cheer

Years cheering: 7

Introducing 1st year Spirit Girl, Rachel Wheeldon! You can find Rachel competing on Champion Cheer Flawless this season. Her favourite stunting skill is a double up. Rachel’s go-to Starbucks order is a Caramel Iced Coffee and her favourite show is Brooklyn 99! We’re so happy to have you on board this year!

Rayna Ulrich - @cheer.ray

Gym: Vancouver Allstars

Years cheering: 14

Can you say 3-PEAT!?
Spirit Girl Rayna is back for round 3 and is so excited to represent Vancouver Allstars Ice Queens for us! We love having such a talented, strong, and inspiring athlete in our family! Rayna loves all the friends and family she’s met through the sport. She would also be happy to cozy up and watch any Disney movie!

Reese Moen - @reese_aubrey

Gym: Alberta Cheer Empire

Years cheering: 9

Reese from Alberta Cheer Empire Synergy is back for another year! Her favorite thing about cheer is the bonds made with teammates and the way you strive towards the same goal. This is Reese’s 9th season of cheer and her favourite skill is a round off full. WELCOME BACK, REESE! We are so lucky to have this ray of sunshine back on our team! 

Sarah Labbé  - @harasebbal

Gym: ACE Athletics

Years cheering: 8

Welcome back Spirit Girl Sarah!! She’s back on the floor with ACE Vixens! This year, her new favourite skills are Rewinds and 1.5 Up to lib! She loves the energy on the floor during a full out and hearing the crowd at competitions – we all can’t wait to get back to that feeling! Can’t wait to see you rock your dance after a HIT at your events this year, Sarah!



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