Spirit Girl Program


 We are so excited for the second year of our Spirit Girl Program! We are working with more influential athletes from across the country than ever. Our Spirit Girls (and Guys!) have a strong presence in the cheerleading community and proudly represent our brand through their social media channels. These individuals exude athleticism, teamwork, and sportsmanship, and we are so honoured to work with them!

Get to know our Total Package Athletes below!

Alexia Bouchard - @alexebouchard_

Gym: RND Elite

Years cheering: 14

Favourite colour: Teal

Amélie Déragon - @ameliederagon

Gym: ProCheer Allstars

Years cheering: 11

Favourite food: Sushi

AnnaRose Boyes - @annaroseboyes

Gym: Cheersport Sharks

Years cheering: 11

Favourite skill: Arabians and spinning stunts



Ashton Ellis - @ashton_ellis

Gym: Vancouver Allstars

Years cheering: 18

Favourite colour: Mustard yellow


Ayva Belitski - @ayva.marie.b

Gym: 306 Elite

Years cheering: 6

Favourite skill: Fulls and Waterfalls

Brandon Mackey  - @brandonmackey

Gym: Cheersport Sharks

Years cheering: 15

Favourite colour: Orange

Brianna Hoskin - @scotiacheergirl3

Gym: Scotia Cheerleading Allstars

Years cheering: 9

Favourite skill: Roundoff handspring full

Brighton Rideout - @brightonrideout

Gym: Halifax Cheer Elite

Years cheering: 17

Favourite colour: Peach


Brooke Russ - @brooke_cheer__

Gym: Royal City Cheer

Years cheering: 7

Favourite colour: Pink

Brooklyn Stenz - @xo_bayvay

Gym: Boss Athletics

Years cheering: 4

Favourite food: Cheese pizza

Cassie Moyer - @rcagurlcassie

Gym: Rebels Cheer Athletics

Years cheering: 5

Favourite skill: Standing full and specialties to double

Ève-Marie Déry - @evemariedery

Gym: Flyers All-Starz

Years cheering: 10

Favourite skill: Rewinds

Evelyn Rego - @evelyn_georgia_rego_2016

Gym: Cheer Fuzion

Years cheering: 2

Favourite food: Bacon

Frédérick Racine - @fredracine96

Gym: Sparks Cheerleading

Years cheering: 10

Favourite skill: 1.5 to double

Hannah Bavis - @hannahbaviss

Gym: Halifax Cheer Elite

Years cheering: 10

Favourite skill: Hitch kick double baskets

Jess Steves - @iecjess

Gym: Western U/Power Cheer Gym

Years cheering: 7

Favourite skill: Basket tosses

Joan McNeilly - @joan_mcneilly

Gym: Central Cheer

Years cheering: 8

Favourite colour: Blue

Kaitlyn Harvey - @kaitlynjharvey

Gym: Power Cheer Gym

Years cheering: 14

Favourite colour: Red

Katie Fyfe - @katiefyfe_

Gym: West Halifax Cheerleading

Years cheering: 13

Favourite food: Tacos

Kendra Sadlo - @kendra_sadlo

Gym: Cheersport Sharks

Years cheering: 14

Favourite skill: Coed Ball Fullup

Lachlan Meyer - @lachness_11

Gym: Perfect Storm Athletics

Years cheering: 13

Favourite skill: Double up

La'Mya Jackson - @iamlmyaj

Gym: Langley Cheer

Years cheering: 3

 Favourite food: Macaroni

Leo Tremblay - @leo_tremblay

Gym: Flyers All-Starz

Years cheering: 10

 Favourite food: Poutine & chicken

Lucy - @lucy.cwws

Gym: Champion Cheerleading

Years cheering: 15

 Favourite colour: Lilac

Maddy Reyes - @maddygocheer

Gym: Champion Cheerleading

Years cheering: 12

 Favourite skill: Needle

Madison MacCallum - @madisonmaccallum

Gym: Capital City Elite

Years cheering: 8

 Favourite skill: Roundoff handspring layout

Mariah Migneault - @mariahpct

Gym: PCT Cheer & Tumble

Years cheering: 8

 Favourite skill: Round off whip handspring full

Matthew Sampson - @msampson26

Gym: Integrity Cheer Empire

Years cheering: 4

 Favourite food: Avocado toast

Melissa Liu - @_melissaaliu & @_melissacheer

Gym: PCT Cheer & Tumble

Years cheering: 6

 Favourite food: Strawberry waffles

Miranda McMurphy - @mirandapaige75

Gym: Boss Athletics

Years cheering: 14

 Favourite food: poutine

Olivia Hollingsworth - @oliviaahollingsworth

Gym: Cheer Force

Years cheering: 14

 Favourite skill: Specialty to double

Parker McLean - @parker.mcl

Gym: Prairie Fire Cheerleading

Years cheering: 3

 Favourite food: Chicken tenders

Rayna Ulrich - @cheer.ray

Gym: Vancouver Allstars

Years cheering: 13

 Favourite food: Watermelon

Reese Moen - @reese_aubrey

Gym: Alberta Cheer Empire

Years cheering: 8

Favourite colour: Teal

Rylee Hall - @ryleebrynn

Gym: Premier Academy

Years cheering: 10

 Favourite colour: Yellow

Sarah Labbé - @harasebbal

Gym: ACE Athletics

Years cheering: 7

 Favourite food: Vegetable soup

Taylor Fiissel - @taylor.fiissel

Gym: Alberta Cheer Empire

Years cheering: 15

Favourite skill: Anything flipping and twisting


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