• Stunt Stand® Ankle Strengthener
  • Stunt Stand® Ankle Strengthener

Stunt Stand® Ankle Strengthener

$20.00 CAD


Ankle Strengthener

The newly designed Ankle Strengthener allows bases and flyers to strengthen their ankles before tumbling or stunting to help reduce injuries! Designed specifically to STRENGTHEN the ankle and NOT for practicing stunting technique. If flyers use this to practice stunting, it will teach them to BALANCE IN THEIR ANKLE, which we DO NOT want. This makes your stunts more UNSTABLE because your bases are holding a wobbling foot. Your stronger ankles will help you hold your foot tight to improve your scorpions, bow and arrows, heel stretches, and even strengthen both ankles for perfect stunts in the air! When you watch a cheerleader in action, they bend and stretch into positions that are almost out of this world. These stunts can be very difficult, but with the use of the ankle strengthener AND Stunt Stand training device combined, you will be able to look flawless in the air during competitions.

By strengthening the ankles, cheerleaders will be able to have less injuries from tumbling, stunting, and improved balance. This strength will improve your jumps, pointed toes, and firmness in your foot while bases are holding you in the air. Strengthen your ankle by moving it around in circles and balancing yourself, NOT PRACTICING BODY POSITIONS. You do not want to train yourself to balance in your stunt as this will make it more unstable. To practice stunting technique, it is recommended to use a more firm surface where you can lock out your ankle and lift up in your stunts.

  • Perfect for Cheer Workouts
  • 360 Degree Movement
  • Ankle Strengthening
  • Not for Practicing Stunts
  • Travel-Friendly & Portable
  • Stunt Stand Guarantee

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