• Perfecta Flip Chinbloc

Perfecta Flip Chinbloc

$49.95 CAD


Perfecta Flip Chinbloc

  • Helps train proper “Neutral Head Positioning” when performing tumbling, basket tosses, and stunt loads/dismounts, all of which will lead to better “perfection before progression” fundamentals.
  • Helps users train properly, more efficiently, and more safely.
  • Allows users to get instant feedback on head positioning throughout skill development and training.
  • Helps create proper “Total Body Alignment”.  “The head is the body’s GPS unit. If you control your head you can control your body” – Debbie Love (University of Kentucky & USASF Hall of Fame)
  • Allows users to train and implement proper “Muscle Memory” through repetition of neck muscle engagement by holding the ChinBloc.


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