• Disc Slider (Pair)
  • Disc Slider (Pair)

Disc Slider (Pair)

$20.00 CAD


Disc Sliders

The newly designed Disc sliders allow athletes to gain core strength and workout their hip flexor muscles. Used in a variety of workouts, our Disc Sliders will allow you to gain the muscles necessary to improve jumps, stunts, and tumbling. The muscles worked will help improve full ups, every body position, and jumps. Cheerleaders are flipping and flying through the air so having a tight core is essential for both execution of skills and for the safe performance of these skills. Our Disc Sliders are portable and can easily be taken with you on vacation, while traveling, or to the gym for a quick workout! Bulk orders are available for gyms.

By strengthening the hip muscles, cheerleaders will be able to have less injuries from tumbling, stunting, and also improved balance. These items are sold as a set.

  • Gain Core Strength
  • Improved Tumbling
  • Improved Stunting
  • Travel-Friendly & Portable
  • Stunt Stand Guarantee

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